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With the holidays over and tight budgets we know January is usually slow so come on out to the farm walk around visit the animals see our new fodder unit in full swing all of which is completely free. well here peruse the store and bring home some amazing farm goods to keep you warm on the winter days. 

Image by Stephanie Klepacki

Basic Distilling course, Feb 10th 1pm 

We have been asked many times to hold this course so sign up to not miss out. now when people here distilling they instantly think of alcohol and even though that is one use for distilling, it can also make ethanol, sanitizers and cleaning water. we will be teaching you a simple mash recipe going through the safety and process to use a still for these processes. ( class can be signed up for in store or DM me to get on the list, max 12 people, cost is $20 per person) this is for knowledge only no distilled products will be for sale. 


Garden Planning Class 

March 23  2-5PM 

Our most popular class, This is the class you sign up for to start thinking about the upcoming season. we talk about soils, companion planting, and overall how to grow the best garden here in the foothills. 


Class is $20 per person signup at the farm store. 


Chicken 101 Class 

April 13 1-5pm 

New to chickens or just want to improve your skills this is a great class to learn the basics on raising chickens. we will dive into the breeds, feed, husbandry and all round chicken managment. 

Sign up at the farm store. $20 per person. 


Corn Broom making class 

June 8th 10 am- 4pm 

learn how to make your own hand-woven heritage broom the way brooms where made 250 years ago. 

wether its a floor broom, hearth broom or flying broom these one of a kind sweeping beuties are as gorgeous as they are practical. 

six hours of fun hands on instruction after which you will go home with a broom you made yourself. 

bring your own lunch and refreshments.

class size is only 5 people $150.00 per person 

all tools and materials provided. 


Sausage and Smoke (fathers day weekend)

June 15th 1-4pm  

this day is all about BBQ, come on out and do a sausage class with Nick. he will teach you how to make sausage and open up his big book of recipes for you to take home. after you make the sausage Hans from Maas BBQ will be out to teach you the ins and outs of smoking (BBQ) he will answer all your questions and make sure you leave ready to wow your friends all summer long. 

(sign up for class in store or DM me to get on the list, class is $35 per person max 12 people )


Kids day 

July 13th 9-noon 

This day is all about the kids ( parents must come too ). children who join will learn all about what it takes to do chores here on the farm. they will learn about the ducks, goats chickens and of course the highland cattle. we will also be spending some time in the gardens, where each child will be able to bring a plant home to watch grow all summer. 


Sign up at the farm store. ( cost is $10 per child )


Open Farm Days 

August 17th &18th  9-6 pm 

Alberta wide, open farm days is a great time to come out and learn more about the farms around you. 

We will be giving free farm tours all weekend, as well as having another amazing longtable farm to plate dinner. 

Farm tours are free and no sign up needed. 

The dinner requires you to sign up and pay prior. 


Sign up at the farm store 


Canning Class

September 14th 1-5pm

Learn the basics of canning this years harvest. This is a hands on course where you will learn how to can and perserve your food. A vital skill as inflation and grocery costs continue to rise. 

Class is $50 per person, sign up at the farm store. 


Harvest & Seed Saving

September 30th 2-4 pm 

Why buy seeds when you can harvest them! Learn how to conduct fall cleanup to purduce hearter vegatibles for next years crop. Seed saving may seem simple but it is a vital skill that every gardner should have.  


CLass is $20 per person, sign up at the farm store. 

crafting ladies night.jpg

Haunted Hartell

october 25th, 26th & 27th (closed Halloween Night )

A spookaly good time here at the Hartell Homestead. Come check out the haunted barn during the day or night depending on how brave you are!

(no sign up needed just come on out and enjoy Nicks favriote holiday with him) 

Ladies Night

November 14th - 6-8pm 

Join us for an evening of Christmas shopping and crafting.

Inquire and sign up at the farm store.


Christmas on the Farm

December 14th 9-6pm

Come get into the holiday spirit with the highland cattle here on the farm, 

free farm tours from 1pm till 3 pm, Christmas photo area (self taken) 

homestead gift exchange.   Bring something homemade, crafted or created by you, wrap it up and bring it out at 3 pm. Anyone who brought something exchanges it for something someone else made. this is our way of showing off all the great creators here in the foothills. 


Farm Events & classes

Fresh, Local and Amazing

Take a look at the great upcoming events at Hartell homestead. We would love to see you, your family and your friends at one of our next events. In addition to our Farmer's Market, we have a large variety of seasonal events and special happenings throughout the year. Make sure to regularly check the calendar and subscribe to our newsletter so that you’ll know whenever something exciting happens.

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