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Our Story

Fresh, Local and Amazing

The Hartell Homestead opened its doors to the public in 2020 to help bring fresh and local ingredients to the public while bringing people closer to their food. The farm started with ducks and horses but quickly acquired the highland cattle, chickens and goats, along with a large kitchen garden. 

The owners, Nick and Alli, have worked hard to open the doors to the public for May of 2021. Nick grew up in an ag family which lead him to attending college for agriculture as well as meat processing, and has always had a love for good food. Not only did he want to grow amazing food but to do it sustainably.

Nick wanted to have a place he could educate the public on where their food comes from and run classes to help them reach their own self sufficient dreams.

This lead to the opening of the Hartell Homestead.

Stop in for fresh local food or take a class and he will be happy to share his knowledge.

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