Farmers and producers

Fresh, Local and amazing


Nick Shipley

Farmer - owner

Nick Shipley, started the Hartell homestead as a place people could truly buy local and help farmers directly market their products to customers. He has a love for agriculture and raising livestock and is a wealth of knowledge for anything homesteading related.


Alli Brook (Shipley)

Customer Care

Alli is Nicks soon to be wife and on her days off she works hard on the farm feeding livestock and pulling weeds in the garden. Even though Alli started as a city girl she has quickly learned the farm life and loves interacting with our customers and helping you find exactly what your looking for in the store!


Box M Ranch

Producer - Beef

Kenny is a neighbor and amazing cowboy and rancher, I am ecstatic to be able to bring his beef to the Hartell homestead and share with all of you. He raises grass fed all natural beef with his family here in the foothills.


F4 Ranches

Producer - Pork

F4 Ranches is the result of four generations of Bews' farming and ranching west of High River. With each generation feeding and raising pork it is in the heart of the operation to continue to do so. With the goal to raise well marbled and dark red pork F4 Ranches as established a breeding program that compliments these traits, the sows are a Berkshire/Wild boar cross for outdoor hardiness and quality meat production and a mangoliza boar to add more marbling and dark meat to the pork giving it that excellent home grown quality you can not buy in any regular grocery store.


Connie Harvey

producer-veggies and produce

Connie has been in the greenhouse business for 30 years and when covid hit she wanted to help our community incase the food supply had issues, so Connie did what she knows and grew a massive amount of fresh veggies and produce. 

we are proud to be able to sell her produce here at the Hartell Homestead along side our own. 


WHR Simmentals

producer- beef

Tyler is a young rancher that grew up with cattle in his blood. He is an excellent rancher and has been running his own herd since 2013, we are excited for his big bodied beef to be available at the Hartell Homestead. 
Tyler also runs some amazing breeding stock for the simmental bull market.


Highland Honey

producer- honey

Raw, Pure, Simple. 
The Manning-Ross family is from Black Diamond on the western edge of the Cameron coulee. 
Rod has been beekeeping for decades and it truly shows his passion in the honey. with his wife dawn beside him they are truly building a company that respects the traditions well bringing sustainable quality honey to you.

forage and farm.jpg

Forage and farm

Producer - Garlic

Their farm specializes in growing a variety of hardneck garlic right here in the foothills, saving seed from previous years to grow a truly locally acclimatized garlic. Our climate is wonderfully suited to grow a variety of organic and flavourful hardneck garlics.  We specialize in growing high quality seed stock garlic as well as gourmet culinary garlic. Everything is  planted, weeded, harvested and cleaned by hand.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Oreilly Beef & Bison

Producer- beef and Bison

My good friend Ed raises some top quality beef and bison both are fed a perfectly balanced diet that include distillers grains ( a leftover after making alcohol). This gives an amazing flavor in the meat that just cant be beat.


Farm Wife collective

Candle maker

small shop producing small batch top quality soy, wooden wick, fine fragrance oil candles right on our farm North of Blackie Alberta. They take pride in only putting out products They are proud of!


Highwood soap company

soap maker

small batch soap • palm oil free • natural vegan ingredients


Jrrrs BBQ

chef / sauce maker

amazing BBQ sauce made right here in the foothills!

Axe in Tree Stump

o dear

ax maker/ craftsmen

if you have been in the store you have seen the amazing craftsmanship of these axes, they are completely refurbished and ready for use!

Image by Billy Lobo

valley micro greens

farmer- micro greens

if you haven't tried micro greens your missing out they are a nutrient packed veggie that has amazing flavor.

Cutting Bread

Frosted Fern Bakery


we love that we partnered with frosted fern to bring fresh baking to the store, selection changes every week from bread to pies


Shirley's greenhouse

Farmer- preserves

Shirleys greenhouse makes all of our preserves,

What sets them apart from other greenhouse and garden growers is that we grow all our vegetables WITHOUT the use of synthetic pesticides. Our kids can walk into the greenhouse and eat fresh veggies right off the vine.

We guarantee the quality of our product, if you’re not happy we’re not happy.


Lakside farmstead cheese

Farmer/ cheesemaker

Lakeside Farmstead Cheese is locally crafted in Sturgeon County, Alberta using our very own single-source milk.  We are excited to offer quality products produced sustainably at the farm—food we are proud to serve on our table and yours.