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Homestead Services

homesteading is not just about selling fresh local ingredients its also about helping each other grow together. 
Here are some of the services we offer from the farm to you !

Collecting Eggs

Homesteading consulting 


We are proud to share our knowledge and experience (including our past mistakes) with you, often we are asked questions about what to do in the garden or how to set up chickens this service goes the next step and for a small fee we will come on out to your home and answer all the questions you have as we go through your homestead. 
we can help make your self sufficient dreams come true.

Deli Cuts

Knife sharpening

$1 a knife

As a certified butcher, there is nothing worse then a dull knife they are dangerous and messy. I will take those dull knives and make them butcher sharp for you. 

we do a drop off service, and you can pick up your sharp knives the next day. 


Private Farm Tours


Our farm is open whenever the store is but if you want to learn about how we farm as well as get a bit more personal with the animals book a private tour. 
our private tours bring you around the farm teaching you about all our livestock and how they work to create a more sustainable farm. 
tours are $10 a person and have to be booked in advance for availability.


Private Long table dinners


if its for family, business or just a group of friends we have partnered with some amazing catering company's that can bring the food from the farm to your plate. 

we set up the long table and benches in our garden area and you and your guests get to enjoy all the splendor the foothills provides. (more of a spring to fall activity) 

talk to us today about how we can make a one of a kind event happen for you. 

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